New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program works to strengthen the parenting skills of every mother, father, and caregiver in Newport News. Our goal is to increase the chance for all children in this community to have a healthy start in life and enter school ready to learn.

Program Benefits
The program helps you:
  • Learn how to care for your baby and yourself
  • Feel successful as a parent
  • Help your child learn about the world through toys and activities
  • Better understand what your child is telling you when she is feeling hungry, tired, sleepy, or playful
  • Learn how to get your baby's attention, get your baby to sleep, effective discipline, and skills for school readiness
  • Find services in the community for you and your child
How It Works
A family resource specialist will:
  • Meet with you while you are pregnant or when you deliver
  • Ask about your needs as a new parent and discuss available resources and services
  • Offer some families assistance from a home visitor
A home visitor will:
  • Provide parenting information
  • Provide emotional support and guidance
  • Help you prepare for the challenges and stress of raising your child
For more information, call 757-926-6009.