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Financial Assistance Programs include money, coupons, or authorization cards to obtain food, clothing and shelter, medical care, etc.

All Financial Assistance Programs have maximum income levels that vary from program to program. Recipients must provide statements of wages, bank records, property value, value of life insurance, stocks, bonds, motor vehicles, etc.

To receive services from a Financial Assistance Program offered by Newport News Department of Human Services, the individual or family must reside in Newport News and be a U.S. citizen or legally admitted alien.

How to Apply for Benefits

The Virginia Department of Social Services has online screening that lets needy individuals see if they may be eligible for food stamps, cash assistance, children's health insurance, Medicaid for pregnant women, energy assistance, or child care. The screening asks a few questions and provides a preliminary answer. This preliminary screening does not take the place of an application or interview. It does not confirm actual eligibility. For a final determination, you must submit an application for benefits online at CommonHelp, by mail, or in person at the local office.


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