Benefit Programs

Benefit Programs include direct money payments, vendor payments for services, medical cards and electronic benefit (EBT) cards to assist with food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

All Benefit Programs have non-financial requirements and maximum income levels that vary from program to program. Some programs require an evaluation of available resources. Applicants/recipients may be required to provide statements of wages, unearned income, bank records, property values, value of life insurance, stocks, bonds and motor vehicles as required by policy.  

How to Apply for Benefits

Residents of the City of Newport News are encouraged to apply for benefit programs by submitting an application online at  or by calling the Virginia Department of Social Services Enterprise Call Center at 855-635-4370. Applications can also be made in person at either Newport News Human Services office, by mail or by fax at 757-926-6442.

The Virginia Department of Social Services provides an online screening tool at - Check Eligibility that allows individuals to determine if they may be eligible for food assistance (SNAP), cash assistance, children's health insurance, Medicaid, energy assistance or child care. The screening results are a preliminary projection of eligibility based on the information provided.  This preliminary screening does not take the place of an application or interview and does not confirm actual eligibility. For a final determination, you must submit an application for benefits, provide required verifications and be determined eligible for benefits.

Resources and Additional information

For more information on specific benefit programs, please access the following links:

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