In the Beginning - HR WET
Almost 20 years ago, HR WET, the Hampton Roads Water Efficiency Team, was formed to promote a water-wise ethic in Hampton Roads. It was composed of representatives from public water utilities across Hampton Roads who believed that water conservation was a regional issue and that a single, unified voice would be most effective in getting the message out. Together we produced radio and TV commercials.
HR WET Trailer
You’ve probably visited us in the HR WET trailer at local and regional events. We got the word out and Hampton Roads acted. In less than 2 decades, demand for tap water has markedly decreased.

Environmental Education Groups
Using the HR WET model, 3 more regional groups formed to educate the public about other environmental issues. They include HR CLEAN (recycling and anti-litter); HR STORM (stormwater education); and HR FOG (protecting drains and pipes from fat/oil/grease). Working through the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC), these groups have also experienced great success in using a regional voice.

Now, that voice is even louder. We are pleased to announce that all four HR environmental groups have combined as HR GREEN. Hampton Roads citizens can now go to one location for much of their environmental education and information needs.
Visit the HR GREEN website, and you’ll find important information on everything from recycling plastic bags and batteries to building a rain garden. There is a great deal of information on what you can do at home, at your business, in a classroom and in the community.
Also on the HR GREEN website, you’ll find an interactive blog, written by local experts, who address all types of Hampton Roads environmental issues. And if that’s not enough, there’s an event calendar to point you in the direction of the nearest “green” happenings, and a mini-grant program for local teachers and youth leaders needing funding for environmentally-themed projects.

Check us out. We’re your new go-to resource for everything green in Hampton Roads.