Comprehensive Housing Study

The City of Newport News is conducting a Comprehensive Housing Study to evaluate the current housing supply and market conditions throughout the city. This data-driven study will help city decision-makers, stakeholders, and community leaders create tailored housing priorities, policies, and intervention strategies.

The desired outcome of the Study is two-fold:

  • A comprehensive Housing Study that includes both a snapshot of existing inventory and community demographics, as well as a gap analysis of estimated demand compared to existing inventory and anticipated new units.
  • The development of recommendations that include a detailed strategy for meeting short and long-range housing goals, and for meeting needs identified in the gap analysis.

If your primary residence is in Newport News, you can help with the study by clicking the link below and completing the Newport News Housing Survey. Your input will contribute to the Comprehensive Housing Study by providing valuable housing-related information. All respondents are anonymous, and responses are strictly confidential.