Fire Hydrant Inspections

This work is performed daily, Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM, weather permitting and usually in 2 to 3 separate locations or jurisdictions simultaneously.

The work is usually performed by an independent company, contracted by Newport News Waterworks. You may not see a uniformed Waterworks employee or Waterworks vehicle.
Flushing Fire Hydrant
We are committed to providing an adequate supply of water for fire suppression as well as delivering high-quality drinking water to our community. Fire hydrants are not only one of our most visible assets, but one of the most critical components to a large and complex water distribution system. Fire hydrants serve many uses, but the main purpose is for fire protection. We have all (currently 11,000) fire hydrants inspected twice annually. These inspections not only ensure the fire hydrants are working properly, but also allows for improved water quality through the removal of sediment that may have accumulated in the water mains.

How Can This Affect My Water Service?
When fire hydrant flushing is occurring in close proximity to your home or business, you may experience reduced water pressure and or discoloration in the water leading into your home or business. Keep in mind that many fire hydrant uses such as street sweeping operations, sewer or storm sewer cleaning, new construction, or the unfortunate use for fire suppression, could also cause these inconveniences.

What Do I Do?
If you happen to experience low pressure for more than a few minutes, please call our Waterworks’ Dispatch Office at 757-234-4800. If you experience discolored water, try running water through the bathtub faucet for a few minutes. This should clear it up. If not, call the Waterworks’ Dispatch Office and someone will assist you as soon as possible.