Naming Framework

Consistent naming framework for each category of new asset. Across categories, names should always be inspired by direct connections to the community’s history, culture, and spirit to ensure a common and authentic personality.

Roads and Public Spaces

Theme: Names connected to the identity and accomplishments of community advocates.

The community has a rich history and an abundance of citizens who have made notable contributions throughout the years and continue to do so today. Therefore, it is recommended that assets in this category be given names that allude to the contributions of community advocates who have dedicated themselves to education, academics, and civil rights.

Residential Developments

Theme: Names that are positive or aspirational in tone that are inspired by cultural characteristics of the community.

New residential developments are forward-looking in nature and will become places where people live, raise families, and create ties to their neighborhood. It is recommended that names for this category be positive or aspirational in tone and be inspired by the cultural characteristics of the community. Names in this category could come from ideas like music or civic pride that are directly relevant to the community.

Unique Public Destination Assets

Theme: Names that include functional descriptors to position as a destination and are inspired by historical nomenclature where possible and /or civic pride.

Assets such as the planned health and wellness trail require an approach to naming that first clearly positions them as destinations. Functional descriptors such as trail, place, and market are examples of this and should be included in the naming structure. We recommend that names in this category be positive in tone and inspired by historical nomenclature whenever possible and/or civic pride that is directly relevant to the community.