Sustainability Roadmap

What is a Sustainability Roadmap?

Imagine you’ve been given directions to a destination; turn left, continue straight for two miles, turn right, and arrive at your destination. Our Roadmap to Sustainability performs a function similar to this! It represents a set of directions that guide our local government towards environmentally sustainable practices/policies. Our ultimate “destination” is to meet the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The City’s Roadmap to Sustainability provides a broad range of actions, opportunities, and benefits that can substantially improve the quality of the environment.

Our Directions include…

Energy Efficiency & Conservation


Resource Conservation


Open Space & Smart Development




Sustainable Built Environment


Civic Engagement Policy


What does the Sustainability Division Do?

Our team of sustainability experts focuses on implementing the various directions of our Sustainability Roadmap. The Team uses the Roadmap to lay out the status of each direction, its path forward towards achievement, and the potential impact that achievement will have.