Foster Parenting

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Foster parenting is accepting a child into your care who might have been abused or neglected or who might need a temporary home. The foster parent is a temporary caregiver for a child whose goal is to return home or to be placed with a relative. A foster parent works with a team of people (the social worker, therapist, teachers, and the child's family, to name a few) to assist this child. Being a foster parent is both rewarding and challenging.

How to Become a Foster Parent

Contact us by emailing or calling 757-926-6283.

Who Can Be a Foster Parent

  • Married or single
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Have enough income to meet their own expenses
  • Able to provide a safe, healthy home with enough space for a child
  • Willing to be a part of a team with the agency, child's family, schools, and others
  • A favorable Child Protective Services background check or no founded complaints of abuse and neglect
  • A favorable criminal background check
  • Willing to attend preservice training and ongoing training
  • Have a working telephone and transportation and be willing to take child to appointments


  • Being able to experience the joy and importance of providing a stable and caring environment for a child
  • Helping a child feel safe and secure
  • Helping a child's self-esteem
  • Becoming a part of a professional team whose goal is to provide support and care to vulnerable children


  • Knowing that foster care is temporary and that saying goodbye is not always easy
  • Co-parenting with birth parents
  • Helping recruit other families willing to foster children
  • Knowing that your life and your family's life might need to be rearranged to accommodate the needs of the foster child
  • Realizing that being a foster parent is a big step for you and your family

Approval Process

Each applicant must:
  • Attend Information Session
  • Complete pre-service training
  • Complete FBI and Child Protective Services checks
  • Provide current TB test and physical exam
  • Provide three references
  • Favorable home study including interviews and safety home assessment

Additional Information