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Welcome to the City of Newport News-CDL Resource Page

Are you interested in employment with the City of Newport News, in a CDL or Commercial Driver's License position, but have questions? This page is designed to answer some commonly asked questions related to the CDL permitting and licensing process.


I have never had a CDL before, where do I start?

The first step is to successfully pass the exam for your CDL permit at the DMV.  There are two classes of permit, Class A and Class B.  Be sure to check with your recruiter before heading to the DMV, on which one you will need.  While you are welcome to apply and interview for CDL positions before you get your permit, if offered employment, you will need to successfully obtain your CDL permit before starting your position with the City.

I have my permit, now what?

Great, you are well on your way.  Once you have your CDL permit now you can start the education required for your actual CDL.  Once you are employed with us, the City of Newport News provides the full training required for your CDL, free of charge.

Resource Documents

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