Volunteer Services Program

The goal of the Volunteer Services Program is to expand the services and capabilities of the Department of Human Services by utilizing the skills and efforts of volunteers to provide direct, administrative, and clerical services.

Make an Impact

Over the years, the term volunteer has taken on various meanings. Within the Department of Human Services, volunteers are considered an integral part of our team. The department relies on volunteers to:

  • Enrich and extend the routine services being offered
  • Supplement the work of the staff
  • Perform a direct service to our clients
  • Serve as a liaison between the community and the department
  • Afford the citizens of Newport News the opportunity to affect the environment in which they live

As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity not only to learn new things but also to provide service to someone who needs your assistance in becoming self-sufficient. It is our hope that the time you spend with us will be educational, challenging, and rewarding. On behalf of the department, the staff, and the people we serve, thank you for your interest in sharing your time, energy, and talents.

For more information on the Volunteer Services Program, call the Community Resource Coordinator at 757-926-6064 or send an email to dhs-communications@nnva.gov.