Patrol Bureau

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The Patrol Bureau is the largest manpower component of this police department. It is mainly comprised of the uniform patrol officers, precinct investigators, and civilian support staff assigned to the three precincts. Each precinct is responsible for providing uniformed patrol services to its geographical area of responsibility on a 24-hour basis. The patrol officers respond to more than 223,000 calls for service each year. Additionally, the Bureau provides oversight to the TOU (Tactical Operations Unit) and Crisis Negotiators.


Precinct investigators are responsible for the investigation of all property crimes within the precinct.  Motorcycle officers and K-9 officers are also assigned to each precinct to support the operations.

The Patrol Bureau also houses the Special Operations Section. This section provides oversight for the specialized units within the department to include the Traffic Response Unit, Taxi & Towing Unit, Marine Unit, Honor Guard, K-9 Unit, Photo Red Enforcement Detail and Crash Unit.  DUI operations and specialized traffic enforcement efforts are also coordinated through the Special Operations Unit.