Stormwater Master Planning Effort

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Stormwater, Floodplain Management, and Climate Change & Resilience

The City of Newport News is undertaking a multi-year, master planning effort to tackle flooding challenges. Through this effort, the City is assessing current and future flood impacts to develop long-term flooding solutions. The City received $4.9 M in grant funding from the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund to engage in this planning effort.

Flood Risk in Newport News


10% of the City's land-mass is within a high-risk flood zone.

In the next 50 years, sea level is anticipated to rise by around 3′ for the City.

In the Hampton Roads region, sea level has risen almost 1′ in the past 50 years.

Residents of Newport News currently experience flooding impacts from heavy rain and coastal storms. To prepare for future climate conditions, the City needs to plan for more frequent and intense storms, rising sea levels, more frequent flooding.

The City’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan, One City, One Future, highlights these concerns and commits the City to develop strategies and plans to ensure that Newport News has the ability to recover from natural, climate-induced, or man-made stressors. This ability to bounce-back is referred to as resilience. This master planning effort will build upon existing City efforts to ensure a coordinated resilience strategy.

Future Climate Conditions in Newport News

More Heavy Rainfall
More Frequent & Intense Storms
Rising Sea Levels

Virginia Flood Risk Information System

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