Employee Separation Resource Page

Most separating employees have questions about a number of topics such as their paycheck, benefits, deferred compensation, retirement contributions, etc. Below you will find key information on these topics for you from Payroll, Human Resources (HR), and other important service providers, followed by a contact list with phone numbers and email addresses for each of these, should you need to follow up with them directly.

Important Reminders

Please keep your mailing address up-to-date throughout the year so that your W-2 and any other important correspondence can be mailed to you.  If you have already separated, you may do so through Employee Self Service (see below) or contact HR at 926-1800 or email humanresources@nnva.gov to request your address or phone number be updated.

Exit Interviews

As a City employee we value your input regarding your employee experience.  We invite you to complete the following exit interview.  Click here for the exit interview survey link

Employee Self Service

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS) provides City of Newport News employees with the ability to view information such as pay advices, W-2s, etc., and the ability to update certain personal information. ESS remains available to recently separated employees; however, your ESS account must be re-established using a personal email address.  Please call the IT Helpdesk at (757)-926-1500 or send an email to helpdesk@nnva.gov for assistance.  Please allow up to 10 business days for your account to be reset.  Once completed, you can access ESS at https://selfservice.nnva.gov/ess/ for up to one year after separation.

Final Paycheck 

Payroll and your department will work together on your final paycheck.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Before you leave employment, submit your final timesheet, including any leave and/or overtime, to your supervisor in LTS (https://apps.nnva.gov/lts/)   
  • In accordance with City policy, leave generally cannot be used to extend your termination date.  Your termination date will be your last day worked, unless a policy exception applies.
  • Your final paycheck will be paid via direct deposit to your bank account on file
  • Your final pay advice can be accessed through Employee Self Service

PPL Payout

Any employee who has been employed in an active pay status for at least one month will be paid for the balance of any PPL upon termination, regardless of reason.  PPL payouts are processed in the pay cycle following your final paycheck.  All payouts are subject to Federal withholding, Social Security and Medicare. Your contributions to the Deferred Compensation (457) plan are also subject to Social Security and Medicare contributions, so if you plan to direct any of your PPL payout to Deferred Comp, remember to account for these mandatory deductions in your planning. If an employee is indebted to the City, the City may offset this debt against the employee’s PPL balance prior to payout. 

Debts could include, but are not limited to, repayment of Tuition Reimbursement received in the past year, CDL training expenses incurred on your behalf in the past two years, expenses related to Fire Recruit training, Sheriff training, and unreturned city property.

Tax Forms (W-2s)

The City of Newport News is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide each employee with a W-2 on or before January 31st each year.  Employees who terminate employment will receive a paper copy of their W-2 mailed to the address on file with the City.  To receive your W-2 timely, inform the City promptly of any personal address changes through Employee Self Service or by contacting Human Resources.   

Exiting Employee Benefits Check List

Employees who are exiting the City may request a Benefits Checklist to help guide them through the exiting process as it relates to employee benefits.  This form can be emailed to you upon request.   Requests can be submitted to the hrbenefits@nnva email address.

Health Benefit End Dates

If you are covered by a City of Newport News health benefit plan, your separation from the City will end those benefits.  Benefit premiums are collected a month in advance, in most cases, coverage will not end until the month after your separation.


Employees who are covered by a City of Newport News medical, dental, or vision plan are eligible to continue coverage under COBRA. COBRA  information will be mailed to your address of record from our third-party administrator P&A Group prior to coverage ending.

Mission Square Deferred Compensation 457 Accounts 

Please wait about a month after termination to contact MissionSquare should you wish to transfer any funds.  Representatives are available: Weekdays: 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST at 1-800-669-7400.

Life Insurance

Whole Life - If you have a whole life insurance policy with Boston Mutual your policy remains with you, please contact the EFP Benefits Service Center at (855)749-7460 to update your payment method if the policy is not paid in full. 

VRS Term Life – VRS Term Life policies will terminate on the date of separation from the City of Newport News.

MetLife Term Life (NNERF Employees only) – Your MetLife Term policies will terminate on the date of separation from the City of Newport News.   However, you have the option to convert your group term life insurance benefits to an individual whole life insurance policy if your coverage terminates in whole or in part due to your retirement, termination of employment, or change in employee class. Conversion is available on all group life insurance coverages. If you experience an event that makes you eligible to convert your coverage, please call 1-877-275-6387 to begin the conversion process. Please contact the Finance Department – Retirement Division at retirement@nnva.gov for more information.

Retirement Health Savings Accounts (applies to VRS Employees Only)

If you are a VRS employee funds in the MissionSquare Retirement Health Savings (RHS) Plan 803169 will be available to you at age 55 if you have completed 5 full-time years of service with the City of Newport News prior to separation.  If you have not completed 5 years of service and are not rehired within six (6) months or less the contributions made by the City of Newport News to the RHS will be forfeited and redeposited to the City.

VRS Contributions Refund

VRS employees may contact VRS to discuss refund possibilities.   Please contact VRS at 888-827-3827 to discuss your account.  

NNERF Retirement 

Full time City employees hired before March 2010 are members of the Newport News Employees’ Retirement Fund (NNERF).   Employees who are eligible to retire should contact the Finance Department – Retirement Division at retirement@nnva.gov prior to leaving employment to complete a retirement application and receive retirement counseling.  Members who leave City employment before retirement eligibility may also contact the Retirement division to receive information on vested benefits and/or a refund of employee contributions.  Visit https://www.nnva.gov/2357/NNERF for more information about the NNERF retirement plan. 


If applicable, you can find information about possible unemployment benefits from the Virginia Employment Commission | Virginia Employment Commission 

Rehire Process

Former employees are welcome to apply for other available employment opportunities with the City of Newport News, in accordance with city policy.  Please refer to Policy 312- RE-EMPLOYMENT OF RETIREES AND FORMER EMPLOYEES for more information.

TopicPhone NumberEmail Address
Other HR Matters757-926-1800humanresources@nnva.gov
IT Helpdesk757-926-1500helpdesk@nnva.gov
NNERF Retirement757-926-3929retirement@nnva.gov