Newport News Waterworks

PFAS/PFOS FACT SHEET                                                          DATE: October 21, 2020 


Recent national news reports, books, and movies about a group of synthetic chemicals known as PFAS may have some Waterworks customers concerned about the safety of their drinking water. We want to assure you that we’re aware of this issue and have been conducting water quality testing. PFAS stands for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Two of these chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, have been used to make carpets, clothing, food packaging, non-stick cookware, and other materials. They’re also found in firefighting foams, which have been used extensively on U.S. military bases. For most people, consumer products and food are the main sources of exposure to these chemicals; however, drinking water can be a source in communities where these chemicals have contaminated the water supplies. Such contamination is typically localized and associated with a specific facility, for example, an industrial plant where these chemicals were produced or an airfield at which they were used for firefighting. 


There have been no industrial PFAS manufacturers, in the watersheds of Waterworks’ reservoirs (properties that drain to our reservoirs), and our screening program includes airports and military facilities in the watersheds. At this time, there is no regulatory limit on the concentration of these chemicals in drinking water. The US EPA has, however, established a “health advisory” and is currently considering regulations. The voluntary health advisory sets a limit for the sum of two of the PFAS chemicals, PFOS and PFOA at 70 ng/l. Waterworks has detected both PFOS and PFOA in the treated water, however, at levels an order of magnitude below the health advisory limit. EPA has stated that it may regulate PFOS and PFOA in the future and Waterworks will continue to monitor developments in this area. Waterworks customers can be assured that their water meets all federal and state standards for safety. We are committed to protecting public health and will continue to monitor this issue closely to stay ahead of potential health risks. 


Waterworks is committed to providing safe drinking water to the communities we serve. 

  • The results of our continual testing show that our water meets or surpasses state and federal standards for safe drinking water. 
  • We regularly share the results of our water quality testing with the public. You can view our annual water quality report at Newport News Waterworks Customer Service 757-926-1000 | Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm 

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PFAS Chart