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if you have a question regarding a citation you received please call MPO Acree at 757-928-4515.

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Newport News Public Schools is partnering with Bus Patrol--technology to help keeps student safe. The Bus Patrol vendor has installed stop-arm cameras on the city's school bus fleet to record drivers who do not stop for stopped school buses. The Newport News Police Department reviews the camera footage to verify the infraction. NNPD then provides that information to Bus Patrol, which issues citations to the drivers.


View frequently asked questions about fines and citations issued by Bus Patrol here.

Confused about when to stop?

The rules below apply even if there is an equipment malfunction, and the buses stop arm fails to deploy. 

two lanes bus stop safety

Two-lane roadway:

When travelling on a roadway with only two lanes, traffic in both directions must stop for a bus when it is loading or unloading children.

Multi-lane roadway without a raised median: multi lane paved across bus stop safety

When travelling on a multiple-lane roadway with pavement and no raised median between opposite directions of travel, traffic in both directions must stop.

Multi-lane roadway with an unpaved or raised DIVIDED HIGHWAY SCHOOL BUS STOP SAFETY

median divider:

When travelling on a multiple-lane roadway that is divided by a raised median or is unpaved, only traffic behind the school bus must stop. Motorists travelling in the opposite direction may proceed with caution. 


Read Code of Virginia: Passing a Stopped School Bus here.

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