Community Outreach

Terry Bonner

Terry Q Bonner
Community Outreach and Education Coordinator

Phone: 757-926-7422
Fax: 757-926-7482

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is dedicated to serving our community by speaking to civic leagues, public safety groups, senior citizen groups, schools and more. To request the Office's assistance with a community outreach effort, please e-mail Terry Bonner.

Commonwealth Attorney Howard E. Gwynn aims to ensure that the citizens of Newport News have access to all of the resources and services of the Newport News Commonwealth Attorney Office.

STARS (Student Trial Advocates Reaching for Success)


The STARS (Student Trial Advocates Reaching for Success) Program was created to provide high school students in the City of Newport News with a unique perspective on the criminal justice system. While the program centers on a mock trial to be held in May of each year, the purpose of the program is to build leadership skills and provide mentorship to young people in our community.

During each program meeting, our participants learn about a different aspect of conducting a trial and work with mentors to prepare their case. Meetings are held twice per month from January to April at the Newport News General District Court. In addition to trial preparation, the students develop professionalism skills and receive valuable mentorship from experienced prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges in Newport News.

By implementing this program, our goal is to equip students with the resilience and perseverance needed to overcome everyday challenges and to create more awareness of career opportunities available to students from diverse backgrounds.