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Adoption placements are made for children who have been permanently and legally separated from their birth parents. Adoption is a legal process which gives new parent(s) the same rights and obligations as biological parents.

When the child is in the custody of the Newport News Department of Human Services, and parental rights are terminated, the agency can place the child in an adoptive home. A home study report will have to be completed. The social worker assigned to the child will assist the new parents through the legal process.

  • The Adopt US Kids website provides a photo listing and description of children in Virginia waiting to be adopted, as well as a national photo listing of children available for adoption.
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services website contains additional information, frequently asked questions, steps to adoption, details on accessing adoption records, and more. Additional information found on this website includes:
    • Adult adoptions / accessing adoption records
    • Parental placement adoptions
    • Rights of adoptees over age 18
    • Rights of adoptive parents
    • Rights of birth parents
    • Rights of birth siblings
    • Rights of other birth family members
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • Support groups and national adoption information