Benefits (Police Lateral Transfers)

Competitive Annual Salary 

  • $50,000 (Virginia DCJS Certification Required.) Additional compensation for college degree, former military service, and police service (based on experience).

Deferred Compensation

Tuition Assistance

Take Home Vehicle Program
The department currently has a program known as the Take Home Vehicle Program. The program includes the assignment of a marked police vehicle for use by an officer on and off duty. The intent of the program is to increase the visibility and availability of marked police vehicles throughout the city and to decrease vehicle costs. Officers residing in the City of Newport News who are assigned to uniformed patrol activities may be eligible for participation in the program. This program is an initiative by the department and may be rescinded at any time at the discretion of the Chief of Police and, therefore, is not a rite of employment.

Specialized Assignment
From time to time, and on an irregular basis, full-time police officers may apply for consideration for certain positions. Examples are canine handler and tactical team member. The Department reserves the right to place residency restrictions on positions deemed response critical. For example, the Department may require that narcotics detection canine handlers live within the boundaries of the City of Newport News.

Secondary Employment
Newport News Police Department employees acknowledge that their position with the police department shall be considered their primary employment. Officers are essential personnel, and in this regard, acknowledge that executing their duties as an employee of the Newport News Police Department takes precedence over non-Newport News Police Department employment activities, scheduled or otherwise. Employees are responsible for ensuring that non-Newport News Police Department employers are aware of this requirement.