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The City of Newport News is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, visitors, and contractors by taking all reasonable steps to provide and maintain safe working conditions.   

Tips to Protect Yourself and Others from Heat Stress!

Heat Index          91°F to 103°F                      Moderate Risk for Heat-related Illnesses    

  • -Remind workers to drink water or sports drinks with electrolytes often.
  • -Find shaded and cool areas on break.
  • -Set up buddy system, supervisors should watch workers for signs of heat-related illness.
  • -Adjust work activities (e.g., reschedule work, pace/rotate jobs) when possible.
  • -Encourage workers to wear sunscreen.

Heat Index          103°F to 115°F                   High Risk for Heat-related Illnesses                     

  • -Remind workers to drink water or sports drinks with electrolytes often.
  • -Find shaded and cool areas on break.
  • -Limit physical exertion (e.g. use mechanical lifts).
  • -Have a knowledgeable person at the worksite who is well-informed about heat-related illness and able to determine appropriate work/rest schedules.
  • -Watch/communicate with workers at all times.

Heat Index          >115°F                                 Very High to Extreme Risk for Heat-related Illnesses

  • -Reschedule non-essential activity for days or to a time when the heat index is lower.
  • -Move essential work tasks to the coolest part of the work shift.
  • -Consider earlier start times, split shifts, or evening and night shifts.
  • -Strenuous work tasks and those requiring the use of heavy or non-breathable clothing or impermeable chemical protective clothing should not be conducted.
  • -Stop work if essential control methods are inadequate or unavailable.

CDC Tips to Protect Yourself from the Heat

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Online Safety Training

Online access to a variety of safety topics are available for City Employees at: Webnet Training 

*Contact your supervisor or the City Safety Program Administrator for log in credentials*


osha-reporting-1024x536OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements:  300 Log & 300A Summary Information:   Click Here

Other Helpful Links:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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Accident, Injury, & Illness Investigation Procedures

accident investigationAll work-related incidents resulting in employee injury or illness and/or property damage must be investigated and reported to the Human Resource department within 7 days of the incident using this link: Accident/Incident Investigation Form 

Investigations should be conducted at the SUPERVISOR level or above. 

This report DOES NOT supersede or replace reporting requirements to your departmental Senior Safety Officers or Safety Representatives. 

*Any incident that results in a workplace injury must also be reported to Workers Compensation.