High Mileage Relief

Property owners may request a reduction in assessment for high mileage for vehicles and/or trucks. Proper documentation (see list below) must be provided.  All documents must be dated prior to March 1st of each year, and if qualified, will be granted the high mileage reduction to the assessed value.

  • Documents from any automotive business

  • State inspection

  • COR staff visual inspection – temporarily suspended

  • Mileage log where the mileage has been recorded

Code of Virginia §58.1-3515 states tangible personal property shall be returned for taxation as of January 1 of each year, which date shall be known as the effective date of assessment.

Code of Virginia §58.1-3503-automobiles which shall be valued by means of a recognized pricing guide or if the model and year of the individual automobile are not listed in the recognized pricing guide, the individual vehicle may be valued on the basis of percentage or percentages of original cost. The commissioner may use all applicable adjustments in such guide to determine the value of each individual automobile, or alternatively, if the commissioner does not utilize all applicable adjustments in valuing each automobile, he shall use the base value specified in such guide which may be either average retail, wholesale, or loan value, so long as uniformly applied within classifications of property.

Code of Virginia §58.1 -3503(B) Methods of valuing property may differ among the separate categories, so long as each method used is uniform within each category, is consistent with requirements of this section and may reasonably be expected to determine actual fair market value as determined by the commissioner of revenue or other assessing official; however, assessment ratios shall only be used with the concurrence of the local governing body. A commissioner of revenue shall upon request take into account the condition of the property. The term "condition of the property" includes, but is not limited to, technological obsolescence of property where technological obsolescence is an appropriate factor for valuing such property.

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