Child Welfare Services

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Child Welfare Services in Newport News provides services to families under the Code of Virginia mandates. Social workers are charged with the responsibility to ensure that children are safe from harm and that families receive all necessary services to enhance their family functioning. Child Welfare is comprised of the following.
  1. Adoption

    Adoption placements are made for children who have been permanently and legally separated from their birth parents. Adoption is a legal process which gives new parent(s) the same rights and obligations as biological parents.

  2. Child Protective Services

    Child Protective Services include the investigation of valid reports of suspected cases of physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse of children, and coordination of services and resources to prevent recurrence of child abuse and/or neglect.

  3. Foster Care Services

    Foster care is intended to be a temporary out of home placement while families get the services they need to ensure their children will be safe.

  4. Foster Parenting

    Foster parenting is accepting a child into your care who might have been abused or neglected or who might need a temporary home.