The Compliance department educates business owners regarding local business tax liabilities, encourages voluntary compliance with local and state regulations, and enforces Newport News business tax ordinances.

Compliance department staff include field representatives and business tax auditors.

Field Representatives

Field representatives are in the field daily assisting business owners with a variety of issues. The field representatives assist new businesses with obtaining a business license, registering for the collection of business-related taxes, and providing general information about operating a business in Newport News.


Auditors performs audits of business operations to ensure equitable licensing classification, accurate business assessment reporting, and compliance with other taxing directives as propagated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Newport News. 

Basic Audit Procedures

Audit selection is conducted with the use of trend, risk, and financial ratio analysis. An audit engagement letter or request for information requires a business to make available for examination, all pertinent:

Books of record

Client prepared work papers

Federal, state, and local tax returns

Source documents, receipts, and invoices

Transaction journals

Application for Review of an Audit Assessment

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Taxpayers may apply to the Commissioner of the Revenue to request a review of an audit assessment. The application for review must be submitted within one year of the date of the audit assessment to Tiffany M. Boyle, Commissioner of the Revenue. The request must clearly identify the tax period covered, the dollar amount in dispute, the remedy sought, each alleged error in the assessment, and the grounds and other relevant facts that support the application for review. The Commissioner will review the request and issue a final local determination. If the taxpayer disagrees with the final determination, they may appeal the decision to the Tax Commissioner at the Virginia Department of Taxation, within 90 days of the date of the Commissioner of the Revenue’s determination for business license or property taxes. 

Restaurant T.I.P.S.

The Compliance team helps new restaurant owners understand and comply with all local tax regulations. Through the Restaurant T.I.P.S. (Tax Information Prepared for Success) program, we provide detailed information and direct assistance to support new business owners as they navigate the requirements of operating a restaurant in Newport News. The program includes a visit from one of our team members that will explain in detail all local requirements. Click here to request additional information about this program.

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