COVID-19 Payment Arrangement Application

Important Message Regarding the Upcoming June 5, 2020 Tax deadline:

Your payment of personal property and real estate taxes is essential for the local government to continue to operate and provide critical services to the public. However, if you or your business has experienced financial hardship due to the health and economic crisis directly related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Treasurer will be accepting applications for payment arrangements to assist those affected. If your application is approved, then the Treasurer agrees to credit all payments that you are able to submit on or before August 5, 2020 to the tax principal without the assessment of late payment penalty or interest.

Information you will need to apply for a payment arrangement

  • Name and address associated with your tax account
  • For Personal Property and Vehicle License Fees you can look up individual accounts or use your SSN to locate all
  • For Real Estate and Stormwater you will need your account number (Parcel ID)
  • See below for location of tax account information using your bill
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Rather print and mail the form back to us via USPS?

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