Intervention Services for Children & Families

Services are provided for families to prevent family violence, family breakdown, child neglect and/or abuse, and other crises as well as strengthening the ability of families to function independently. Services may be provided within any of the following areas.
  1. Children in Need of Services / Supervision (CHINS)

    CHINS provides intensive preventative services to families to reduce the number of children entering foster care.

  2. Family Stabilization

    Family stabilization services may include social casework, referrals for indicated services, legal proceedings, and other activities to support families.

  3. Home Studies

    Home study evaluation services are rendered for the courts or other social service agencies involving child custody matters.

  4. Structural Family Therapy

    Counseling is provided to families who meet state requirements for mandated services: counseling may be ordered; children are at risk for child abuse and neglect; children are at risk for placement in foster care.