Domestic Violence Prevention

Below you will find some tips to help families experiencing domestic violence and to stop domestic violence in our community. 

Help a friend or family member experiencing domestic violence

  • Believe them.
  • Listen to them without judgment.
  • Offer support and encouragement.
  • Help them develop a safety plan.
  • Link them to resources that will help them leave their abuser.

End the culture of silence around domestic violence

  • Educate yourself about domestic violence.
  • Speak out against victim-blaming and discrimination to end the stigma surrounding domestic violence.
  • If you suspect someone is being abused, report it. If someone is in immediate danger, call police.

Help survivors escape their abusers

  • Foster connections in your community to increase support for families experiencing domestic violence.
  • Contact policymakers about the importance of funding for services for people affected by domestic violence.
  • Advocate for safe and affordable housing.

End the cycle of domestic violence

  • Offer support, encouragement and love to a child experiencing domestic violence.
  • Support youth programs that foster healthy growth and resilience.
  • Model respect and equality in your own relationships to change beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence.

Learn more about domestic violence at NNPD’s Resources Page.

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