Emergency Services

Emergency Services include:
  • Eviction prevention
  • Prescription medication purchase
  • Shelter referral for persons who are homeless
  • Utility cut-off
This intake service provides an initial access point to services of the department and an immediate response to crisis situations, which threaten the welfare, safety, or health of families or individuals.

An initial screening and assessment (excluding child and adult protective services situations) provides for:
  • Determination of eligibility for services
  • Factors contributing to the emergency
  • Identification of the family's or individual's problems
  • Immediate and long term activities and services needed to alleviate the problems
Crises are responded to in order to prevent further deterioration of the family's or individual's situation. Counseling is provided and personal resources are explored. Clients are referred to other agencies and community resources as necessary in order to resolve their situation, and case management services may be provided to the family or individual to support their effort. Verification of income, resources, financial debts, the emergency, etc. is required. Citizens who are in need of emergency services should call 757-926-6161 and request to speak with an Intake Social Worker.