Duties & Responsibilities

Duties of the City Clerk's Office

  • Custodian of the Corporate Seal of the City and authorizes its use
  • Serves as the designated Records Manager for the city
  • Is tasked with the duty of making sure all city departments abide by the records retention provisions administered by the Library of Virginia. Submit your Certificate of Records Destruction RM-3 by visiting the Library of Virginia.
  • Maintains the official record of ordinances and resolutions, adopted by the City Council, and preserves, records and publishes City Council minutes
  • Maintains all records concerning appointments and memberships to the city's boards, commissions and committees
  • Handles inquiries and researches requests from citizens and other municipal departments
  • Provides staff support to the Mayor and City Council
  • Manages the City Code updates to code holders, and the city's online City Code Custodian.
  • Manages the advertisement of legal notices
  • Make available and maintain all Conflict of Interest Forms and Real Estate Disclosure forms