Community Resource Program

People are different and so are their needs. The role of the community in the provision of goods and services to less fortunate citizens is critical. One of our goals is to assist our clients towards a healthy, productive, and independent life style. Through the help of community resources, this goal becomes more attainable, the gaps in providing assistance are narrowed, and the lives of many become fuller and more rewarding.

The Community Resource Program was started as an effort to meet emergencies, provide additional services, and give those in need an opportunity for a better future. The need for community resources and assistance lies in our ever-changing human condition. As each of us differs so greatly, so do our needs. Government programs cannot always cover the range or magnitude of the needs we see every day. Additionally, with welfare reform and shrinking government budgets, some needs go unmet.

The basics of enough food, clothing, furniture, or a roof over our heads are only a beginning. It is easy to see how valuable the role of the community is in helping our less fortunate citizens.

About the Program
The Community Resource Program currently works with local faith communities, civic groups, private businesses, and individuals. These resources donate funds, food, clothing, household items, infant items, toys, and entertainment opportunities to our fellow citizens who have been carefully screened by the department's staff.

The screening process and careful control of available resources assures that these much needed resources are neither wasted or misused.

All private contributions of funds or other items are tax deductible, and donations are acknowledged in writing by the Community Resource Office.

What Is Needed
Your help can make the difference for many people in many ways. The following are just some of the donations that are needed by the Community Resource Program:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Foot lockers
  • Transportation
  • Furniture (especially beds, dressers, and baby items)
  • Holiday food baskets
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Tickets to the circus or sporting events
  • Infant layettes
  • Sponsoring a foster child
  • Funds for emergencies and special needs such as summer camp
Your contribution is very important to helping some of our citizens become self-sufficient. "Caring Enough to Share" — a phrase that truly reflects the work of those in our community who give to those who need so much. If you can help, please contact the Community Resource Coordinator at 757-926-6464.