How to Keep a Burglar Out

Below you will find some tips that will help keep you and your home safe and free from burglary. The harder we make it for thieves, the more likely they will just go away. 

  • Always make sure all your doors and windows are locked.
  • Consider additional locks on sliding doors.
  • Put locks on all gates.
  • Don’t leave your garage door open unnecessarily and/or unattended. 
  • Install locks on garage doors. 
  • Use dead bolt locks with reinforcement plates and long screws.
  • Avoid tall shrubs and trees around your windows and doors. This can hide burglars while breaking in.
  • Exterior lighting deters burglars. Consider timer switches when away.
  • Motion lights are even better because it draws attention to your property by others who might report the activity.
  • Burglars target homes where they feel they can reap the most reward. Avoid advertising anything that may suggest you have a lot of valuables.
  • Hide your valuable possessions in your home by closing blinds or curtains. 
  • Burglars often research or stake-out neighborhoods watching when people come and go.  Change your routine occasionally, if possible. 
  • Consider investing in a home security system.
  • Advertise that you have an alarm system but not what type – some burglars are familiar with more common systems and can disarm them.
  • Consider investing in a home camera system, i.e., RING. 
  • Dogs are equally useful alarm systems. The bark is more important than the bite. 
  • Take photos of valuables and write down serial numbers for electronics.
  • Don’t allow door-to-door solicitors into your home or accept free home inspections, termite inspections, water testing, etc. 
  • Call 911 as soon as you realize your home has been burglarized.

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