Adult Services

Adult Services are provided to disabled persons who are 18 years of age and older and to persons 60 years or older. Adult Services includes the provision of case management, home-based companion services, screening for Medicaid community-based care and nursing home placement, screening for admission to assisted living facilities, and other activities to aid the adult and their family.

Home-Based Companion Services
Home-based companion services provide for someone to perform light housekeeping, errands, and some personal care duties for clients who are aged, blind, or disabled. The purpose of this service is to maintain clients in their own homes rather than encourage institutional placements. Payments are made to agency-approved providers based on the hours the person works. The maximum number of hours per week of companion services is determined on an individual basis. No one receives more than 20 hours per week. Eligibility is restricted to persons who meet income guidelines established by the state. A waiting list is established to remain within the funding allocation of each locality.

Screening for In-Home Care & Nursing Home Placement
Medicaid pre-admission screening for community-based in home services and nursing home placements are completed by a social worker and a public health nurse. Approval for these services is determined by the Nursing Home Pre-Admission Screening Team, which meets twice monthly.

Screening for Assisted Living Facilities
A screening must be completed on all persons who enter an assisted living facility and who need financial assistance through the auxiliary grant program for payment. The screenings are completed to determine the individual's level of care initially and must be updated based on changes in the level of care. All auxiliary grant recipients must be reassessed / screened once per year.

Additional Information
For additional information, call 757-926-6329, Monday through Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM.