Subdivision and Legal Plats

The review and recordation of a plat is required when new boundary lines are proposed on a parcel of land and/or existing boundary lines are proposed to be vacated, relocated or otherwise altered.

  • Subdivision plat – Proposes to divide a parcel of land into two or more lots for the purpose of transfer of ownership and/or development.
  • Legal plat – Proposes the vacation, relocation or another alteration to a valid/legal parcel of land. These plats shall not involve the relocation or alteration of streets, alleys, easements for public passage, or other public areas.  You may apply for Legal Plats online using the link below.


All plats shall meet the minimum standards set forth by the Administrative Code of Virginia (18VAC10-20-370). For additional requirements, please refer to Appendix B – Subdivision Regulations of the Newport News Code of Ordinances.

Review Time

  • Initial plat review and comment period is sixty (60) days.
  • Revised plat review and comment period is forty-five (45) days.

Fees (nonrefundable)

  • Plat filing fee - $200.00 + $25.00/lot shown on the plat.
  • Recordation – fee is established by the Newport News Circuit Court and is dependent on the size of paper the plat is printed.
  • Other fees – subdivision plats require fees for additional printing and processing.