Traffic / Criminal Appeals

Appeals to Circuit Court Per Case

This notice is informational and is not intended to encourage or discourage your decision to appeal. You have an absolute right to appeal your case and receive a completely new trial with a different judge.

Transcript Order Form for Appeals pursuant to §17.1-408

Increased Court Cost Per Case

If you are convicted on appeal or your case is dismissed on payment of cost, your debt increases above what you owed in District Court by:

  • $90 if you have a hired attorney or if you have no attorney
  • $90 plus attorney fees if you have a Public Defender

After 10 days, even if you drop your appeal, you owe the additional $90.

Circuit Court fines and cost are due upon conviction unless a future date is granted. Even if a future payment date is authorized, a judgment for the full amount must be docketed against you and your property. A docketed judgment is a permanent public record which may affect your credit.

If no future date is authorized, you have 30 days to enter the Clerk's Payment Plan before your driver's license is suspended and collection efforts begin. Please see the Payment Plan Information section for more details.  

Circuit Court Collection Procedures

  1. Driver's license suspension ($145 Department of Motor Vehicles reinstatement fee)
  2. Motor vehicle license plate and registration suspension
  3. Sent to Collections (17% fee added and interest begins)
  4. Wage garnishment
  5. Virginia income tax refund intercept
  6. Virginia Lottery winnings intercept