Fire Hydrant Meter

Fire Hydrant Meter Application & Information

Fire Hydrant Meter Applications (PDF) can be accessed online or requested through the Waterworks General Services Division Meter Shop at

425 Industrial Park Drive
Newport News, VA  23608
Phone: 757-234-4913
Hours of Meter Operations is 7am - 3pm

Associated Meter Costs

FY 21 Meter Costs are listed below.

  • 1″ $390 (Deposit)
  • 3″ $855 (Deposit) - with or without RPZ backflow preventer
    • Turn-On Fee ($50.00) required to initiate Hydrant Meter Assembly Account
    • Payment of the Turn-On Fee ($50.00) is contractually required prior to issuance of a Hydrant Meter Assembly and Hydrant Meter Service Permit.

Meter to be picked up by applicant at Waterworks General Services Division Meter Shop (Lee Hall Complex) between 7am-3pm.


Applicants shall call readings in each month and must reapply for a Hydrant Meter Service Permit annually. Failure to call in monthly readings will result in a $25 charge assessed to the account.

Customers pay current water commodity rates and service fee. Monthly Service Fee is 1″ = $42 and 3″ = $160.