Fire Hydrant Meter

Fire Hydrant Meter Application & Information

Fire Hydrant Meter Applications (PDF) can be accessed online or requested through the Waterworks General Services Division Meter Shop at

425 Industrial Park Drive
Newport News, VA 23608
Phone: 757-234-4913

Associated Meter Costs

FY 21 Meter Costs are listed below.

  • 1″ $390 (Deposit)
  • 3″ $855 (Deposit) - with or without RPZ backflow preventer
    • Turn-On Fee ($50.00) required to initiate Hydrant Meter Assembly Account
    • Payment of the Turn-On Fee ($50.00) is contractually required prior to issuance of a Hydrant Meter Assembly and Hydrant Meter Service Permit.

Meter to be picked up by applicant at Waterworks General Services Division Meter Shop (Lee Hall Complex).


Applicants shall call readings in each month and must reapply for a Hydrant Meter Service Permit annually. Failure to call in monthly readings will result in a $25 charge assessed to the account.

Customers pay current water commodity rates and service fee. Monthly Service Fee is 1″ = $42 and 3″ = $160.