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if you have a question regarding a citation you received please call MPO Acree at 757-928-4515.

 Email Photo Safe Liaison


  • The address to the PhotoSafe Payment Center is:
    Newport News Police Department
    PhotoSafe Program
    Payment Center
    P.O. Box 76982
    Cleveland, Ohio 44101.

  • To view the violation video evidence online, or to pay for a violation by credit card, visit and enter the following information:
    • a. Your notice number (EXAMPLE PSNN00000000);
    • b. Vehicle license plate number (no dashes, please);
    • c. City code for photonotice: NPTNVA.


Everybody understands that “Red Means Stop!” However, red light running violations are frequently observed by citizens at nearly every intersection in the city. Over 6% of the total traffic tickets issued by our police officers every year are for red light running offenses. As a citizen in our community, we are certain you would agree that the number of red light running occurrences that officers are unable to enforce is even higher.

Photo enforcement camera systems can be an important force for a police department, because the officer risk involved with red light running enforcement is eliminated.

The key to PHOTOSafe Newport News' success is public knowledge of the systems and the assurance that if you run a red light, your vehicle will be photographed, and you will receive a civil penalty for the violation. Details concerning Newport News' automated red-light running enforcement program can be found under the related documents section.

You can learn more about PHOTOSafe by visiting our PHOTOSafe Information page. 

The Newport News Police Department would like to acknowledge the Virginia Beach Police Department for all their support in setting up our program and web pages.

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