Chaplains Unit


NNPD's volunteer chaplains are available for counseling services to members of the department and citizens 24 hours a day.  They volunteer for various needs, including assisting officers with death notifications; assisting the next of kin in untimely death cases; and assisting families of officers injured or killed. Chaplains are also available to ride along with officers during the routine course of their duties and participate in community walks and other events. 

Our Chaplains

Walter G. Satchell Jr.
Chaplin Satchell_150pxVolunteer Chaplain Walter G. Satchell Jr. joined the NNPD as an Auxiliary Police Officer in 1988. He served in that role until 1999 and then joined as a chaplain in 2012. The Newport News native is currently the Associate Pastor/Pastoral Care at First Baptist Church. He was the Church Administrator from 2006 to 2012 and ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 2012.

Chaplain Satchell earned his Bachelor of Arts from Lynchburg College. He was employed by Newport News Shipbuilding from 1965 to 1995 and U.S. Foodservice from 1995 to 2006. 

Chaplain Satchell is married to Jane and has one daughter, Lisa, and one son, Scott, and five grandchildren. 

Chaplain Satchell says he has always had a longing to get into Law Enforcement work. When he learned of NNPD’s Auxiliary Police program, he applied and was accepted. 

“I spent 11 years in the program and fulfilled my desire for police work, but more so I was able to fulfill my love for people and my love to help people,” he said. “Many times I was able to help during incidents and see the change in people’s lives by just talking with them and spending a few moments of quality time with them.”

“I also worked hard to make the public aware that Police Officers are there to serve and protect, not to harass or put people down.  I believe I have accomplished this during my years of service to the city.”

Dr. Saundra Nelson Cherry

Cherry, S. 2023_125px

Volunteer Chaplain Dr. Saundra Nelson Cherry, a native of Newport News, joined the NNPD in 2009. Dr. Cherry was married to the late Gregory Cherry, founder and curator of the James A. Fields House (Whittaker Memorial Hospital). 

She attended Newport News Public Schools and is a member of the Last Sophomore Class of Huntington High School (1973) and a graduate of Ferguson High School. She furthered her education receiving an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Dental Hygiene from Fayetteville Technical Institute (now College) in 1981; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Occupational Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1987; a Master of Dental Hygiene Degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore in 1990; a Master of Divinity Degree from the Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology Virginia Union University in 1999, and her Doctorate of Ministry Degree (Clinical Pastoral Education) from Regent University in 2003. 

Chaplain Cherry found her purpose and love for ministry and pastoral care (chaplaincy) when she completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education as a pastoral care (chaplain) intern at Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center (Richmond) in 1998 and a Chaplain Residency at Riverside Regional Medical Center (Newport News) in 1999.

Chaplain Cherry was ordained and licensed as a minister of the gospel in 1999 and serves as an Elder at Restoration Christian Church (Newport News). She has been released to Marketplace Ministry to show the love of God and call of God on her life in the greater community through serving and caring.

Chaplain Cherry is actively involved in the community and is committed to the positive transformation that’s taking place throughout the city of Newport News.  She is a strong advocate for social justice and believes that the leadership and relationships matter. She serves as the chair of the Downtown Newport News Merchants & Neighbors Association, Inc. and executive director of the James A. Fields House.

Additionally, she hosts with partners several community activities for children, youth and families: the Gregory Cherry Eagles Soar Youth Summit, “Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship;” Easter Basket Give-A-Way; Back-to-School Community Fest; Community Fall Fest; and Christmas for the Children. Each of these events provides fun, food, activities, and resources to create and build relationships within the community.

Chaplain Cherry became a Newport News Fire Department Chaplain in 2017.  She currently serves as an on-call Chaplain for the Newport News Sheriff’s Department.

Chaplain Cherry believes that one person who cares about others can make a difference. "Our communities and neighborhoods are made better when we lend our hands to help, our ears to hear and our hearts to serve."

Don Reid

Don Reid

Volunteer Chaplain Don Reid joined the NNPD in 2011 after moving to the Newport News area. He is a Stephen Minister with Chestnut Memorial United Methodist Church. He is a Certified Christian Chaplain through the International Federation of Christian Chaplains and a Certified Emergency Services Chaplain by Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.  He has been a lay speaker in the United Methodist Church and the Congregational Church, UCC for over 50 years.

Chaplain Reid was born in Central Indiana and retired in Connecticut in 2009. He is a U.S. Navy veteran. Chaplain Reid has volunteered in multiple roles, including in the Criminal Courts as a Probation Officer and Pre-Sentence Writer, and as a Victim Assistant with the Marion County (IN) Sheriff's Office, now part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. In Connecticut, he volunteered with the Pastoral Care Office of the local hospital.  

Chaplain Reid is currently National Co-Chaplain with the Missing in America Project. He is a member of the American Legion, Post 368 in Newport News and is also a member of Connecticut MOLLUS (Military Order Loyal Legion United States); a Past Department Commander of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of Connecticut; and current Commander of H. A. Grant Camp 24 of the SUVCW.  

Chaplain Reid and his wife, Sharon, have been married for 41 years. He has five children, 15 grandchildren, four step-grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Chaplain Reid says he was inspired to volunteer in law enforcement by a high school classmate and friend, Ron Manley. 

“Ron was not only a friend but a neighbor in Indiana, and we both had kids the same age.  Ron was a Police Officer with the Indianapolis Police Department (now the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department), and I rode with him frequently sharing many adventures and experiences in what the real job of a police officer entails. On December 12, 1974, Ron made the ultimate sacrifice for his city and department as a Line of Duty Death.  Since that time, I have annually run a 5K in Ron's memory and maintain contact with his family in Indiana.  Ron's name is on line five, panel 53W, of the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington, DC.”  

“Volunteering in probation and law enforcement is my way of honoring Ron's memory and keeping his name alive.  No one truly dies until they are forgotten.  Ron will always be remembered as a police officer, but more so as a caring and selfless individual.”

Dr. Willard Maxwell Jr.

Dr. Willard Maxwell Jr.

Volunteer Chaplain Dr. Willard Maxwell Jr. joined the NNPD in 2014. Chaplain Maxwell is the Senior Pastor at New Beech Grove Baptist Church in Newport News. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Chaplain Maxwell served as an educator, administrator and principal in the Atlanta Public School System. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Morehouse School of Religion, a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Argosy University, a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education from Georgia Southern University, and a Pastor Counseling Certification from Emory University.

Chaplain Maxwell serves in various roles in the community, including on the Newport News Planning Commission; on the board of the Newport News Police Foundation; is an adjunct professor at the William Harvey Leadership Academy at Hampton University; and is a Silver Lifetime member of the NAACP. Chaplain Maxwell supports and collaborates with a host of other local and regional community and civic organizations to serve and enhance the community.

Chaplain Maxwell is an entrepreneur and has an extensive background in real estate. He holds an active broker’s license and leverages his business skills to conduct workshops for churches and communities on topics such as real estate investing, financial management and community and economic development.

Additionally, Chaplain Maxwell makes time to enjoy the arts. He is saxophonist and stand-up Christian comedian. 

Chaplain Maxwell says he volunteers with the NNPD as a way to bridge the gap between the police and the community, particularly the African American community. 

“I want to create positive interactions between the two groups, so that each side views the other as fellow human beings and not objects,” he said.  

Dr. Maria Saunders

Dr. Maria SaundersVolunteer Chaplain Dr. Maria Saunders joined the NNPD in February 2016. Chaplain Saunders is a licensed and ordained minister and has served in pastoral ministry for 11 years. She leads the New Members' Ministry, Women's Ministry, and is an instructor for ministers and teachers training at New Grace Church in Newport News.

Chaplain Saunders holds a Doctor of Ministry degree. She has taught at several seminary and bible colleges, conventions and workshops, federal government, and for private industry. She is a former Executive Director for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and at a homeless shelter. She also served as Director of Administrative Services for an ex-offenders substance abuse (drug addiction and alcoholism) program. 

Chaplain Saunders’ passion is to empower broken individuals and others to become holistically sound. She authored her first book "Come with Me to the Secret Place." 

Since retiring from the federal government (as a computer instructor), Chaplain Saunders discovered the joy in abstract painting. She loves to preach, sing, and listen to gospel music. 

Chaplain Saunders is married to Mr. Rodney Jarvis. She has three children: Retired CSM Torland Wingfield, Dr. Kimberly Wingfield (DVM), and Dr. Tyffani Wingfield (Ph.D.).  Lastly, her most important quality is that she seriously loves the Lord. Her motto is "Never close a door that is opened by God's hands...walk through the door and keep the faith."

Chaplain Saunders volunteers for the NNPD because she is passionate about helping others. “This is where I can utilize my experience in helping the hurting,” she said. 

Bishop Darryl D. Grimes

Grimes_200pxVolunteer Chaplain Bishop Darryl D. Grimes joined the NNPD in 2016. Chaplain Grimes is the Senior Pastor and founder of World Harvest Kingdom Church in Newport News. 

Chaplain Grimes, the youngest of seven children, was born in Gary, Indiana. He began preaching following his baptism at the age of 17. He received his license in 1989 from Union Baptist Bethel Church. He established World Harvest Kingdom Church in 1999. Today, Chaplain Grimes is a pastor, teacher, administrator and motivational speaker. 

Chaplain Grimes’ educational achievements are his greatest testimony of faith. Born with a speech impediment, he said his early learning pursuits were stifled. However, following his baptism, he went on to obtain multiple degrees “to the glory of God.” He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Norfolk State University; a master of education from Cambridge College; a master of divinity from Norfolk Theological Seminary and College; and an honorary doctorate of divinity from United Christian College. He is currently working to complete his masters in clinical mental health counseling. 

Chaplain Grimes is married to Rosalind, and they have four children: Cuyler, Cameron, Kamay and Caleb. 

Chaplain Grimes says he chose to volunteer with the department so he can serve alongside the first responders of NNPD and NNFD. 

“I use interpersonal skills to listen to parishioners' worries, fears, hopes, and grief and to provide comfort, counseling, and spiritual guidance in response to their issues,” he said. “I work with people one-on-one and in small groups to work through big spiritual questions.”

Ben Rothwell


Volunteer Chaplain Ben Rothwell joined the NNPD in 2019. He is the pastor at CrossWalk Church in Newport News. 

Chaplain Rothwell said he became a chaplain with the NNPD to be a part of leading change and providing care in our city. 

"I believe the best days are ahead for Newport News, and I feel we can all be a part in making that belief a reality," he said. 

Ryan Davidson

Davidson_150pxVolunteer Chaplain Ryan Davidson joined the NNPD in 2019. Chaplain Davidson is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Hampton.

Chaplain Davidson has been involved in running a counseling center, serving in several churches pastorally and in teaching in colleges and seminaries. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has spent years offering counseling and psychotherapy and has supervised many new counselors. 

Chaplain Davidson is a graduate of Samford University (B.A.), The College of William & Mary (M.Ed.), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Th.M.) and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Free University of Amsterdam. 

He has been married for 15 years, and he and his lovely wife have four children.

Chaplain Davidson was a guest trainer for the volunteer chaplains, but when a member of his church began his journey in the police academy and then became a patrol officer, Chaplain Davidson decided to join the volunteer Chaplain team. 

“Supporting our law enforcement officers and fire personnel is crucial,” he said. “They lay their lives down for those in the city they serve. It is indeed a privilege to offer them support.”

Dr. Teresa Lassiter

Chaplain Teresa Lassiter 2022Volunteer Chaplain Dr. Teresa Lassiter joined NNPD in 2022. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Legacy of HOPE Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Newport News that is helping to heal humanity through hope.

Chaplain Lassiter is the founder of HOPE Manifested Ministries in Newport News where she and her husband serve as Senior Pastors.  She served as a Deputy Courtroom Clerk for the Newport News Circuit Court. She has worked in finance and recruitment at Military Ministry, and she has over 13 years of Human Resources experience working at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service as a Human Resources Supervisor, overseeing all aspects of Human Resources. 

Chaplain Lassiter's heart is to serve people in the community and help revitalize communities by building strong families through hope, love, giving and by collaborating with other organizations and officials to help build socioeconomic success that will cause our community to thrive.  She has earned her Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies from Ministry International Institute.  She became a volunteer Police Chaplain to help bring hope and healing to and through law enforcement and to make a positive impact on our community.

Marcel Berrios

Berrios, M 2022_200pxVolunteer Chaplain Marcel Berrios joined the NNPD in 2022. Chaplain Berrios is the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Christian Community Church in Newport News.  

Chaplain Berrios has been married to his wife Millie for 34 years, and they have been blessed with 4 grown children and 16 grandchildren. They are both originally from the New York/New Jersey area and came to Hampton Roads via his travels as a Marine Corps Officer, where Chaplain Berrios served as a Military Police/Antiterrorism Officer. He also worked within the government contracting industry as a Security Program Manager and Director of Training & Development. Most recently, he served at Hampton Christian Academy High School as a Bible and Spanish teacher.

Chaplain Berrios has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of North Florida. He also has an MA in Church Ministry and Counseling from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. He is currently embarking on a doctoral program in counseling, as well. 

“My calling…the church’s calling is to serve the community in whatever capacity we can as one body, and I want to be a part of that body.  I’ve heard it said, ‘you do a ministry an injustice when you’re not all in.’ I will continue to strive toward higher levels of servanthood toward the community in accordance with God’s will for my life. I thank God for the ‘journey’ I’ve been on and for Him being that ultimate GPS (God’s Positioning Spirit) in the heavens leading and guiding me in all things toward the ‘destination.’ May we always remember, ‘the Journey is just as important as the Destination.’

Caresa Robertson Carter

Robertson Carter, C. 2023

Volunteer Chaplain Caresa Robertson Carter joined the NNPD in 2022. She is a native of Newport News, Virginia and works in the mental health field. She is a wife and a mother of five sons and three granddaughters. She is involved in many things in the community and has a heart for people and servitude. She is the Pastor of Manifest Ministries Inc. in Newport News, which she established in 2022 and is under the leadership of Pastor and Prophetess Piggott of The EpiCenter located in Newport News. 

Caresa holds a bachelor’s in biblical studies and will earn her master’s in biblical studies in 2024 from Greater Hope Manifested International Ministries Bible College. She is a 2022 graduate of the Newport News Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI), the Newport News Police Department (NNPD) Citizens Police Academy and Citizens Public Work Academy. Caresa is a member of 3D Ministries, where she serves on the Board of Directors and assists with several individual projects, to include Christmas Sponsorship, Care and Comfort Team and The Princess Project. Caresa is a 2019 graduate of the Reign Institute as well as an instructor at Reign. She is a student with EITI (School of The Anointing), The Legacy of Hope Foundation, The Heart of Giving, The Lions Club and National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club. Currently, Caresa is completing a dual degree in nursing and social work at Virginia Peninsula Community College. Additionally, she is a business partner to Sheer Boss Cosmetics, a life coach, author and an entrepreneur. 

Her passion is to make a difference in everyone's life all over the world, by spreading the gospel. She is extremely passionate about everyone and making a difference in the lives of others and assist with deepening their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Her favorite scripture that she stands on is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.