Public-Private Partnerships: Investment for a Smart City

Action Items

  • Value add to municipalities and private industry from construction of a fiber optic network. Identify the business case for fiber optic deployment.
  • Initial platform for deployment, private revenue from leased use and sharing of the network (water/sewer service, transportation, etc.). Identify public assets that can be leveraged to market to a P3 concessionaire.
  • Research legislative and public policy issues to determine legality in Virginia of leasing public assets for private revenue gain and ability to locally revenue share.
  • Research and identify private companies building P3 data networks.
  • Brainstorm public and private success metrics for revenue share, public service, and enhancement by deployment of a fiber optic network.
  • Prioritize cybersecurity by identifying and engaging the public on security concerns and means and methods to mitigate.
  • Establish a working group of Newport News stakeholders that can identify low hanging fruit to pursue and win grants