Open Data: Using Technology to Inform and Engage Citizens


Action Items

  • Open data relies on an integrated data exchange (IDE). Developing an integrated data approach that would allow one-stop identification for multiple purposes. This approach could also help draw innovators to the City by providing an easy way to test apps that show promise.
  • Develop new products and services that help City and Community leaders make more informed and responsive decisions. Utilize creative innovations to stimulate efficiency, effective engagement and economic development.
  • Focusing on the success of StormSense, the City should consider developing an app for roadway flooding that could also include real-time flood levels but also lead to other information dissemination.
  • Consider enabling fixed street infrastructure such as bus stops or phone booths to be used as Wi-Fi hubs, further enabling the use of Newport News provided applications and improving equity as it pertains to the digital divide. This approach may also identify revenue models the city can use to offset costs.
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Session Summary

The breakout session focused on how organizations can share and work with open data, emphasizing the need for interoperability, innovation and collaboration. People are looking for more ways to liberate data so they can meet expectations for transparency and achieve greater insights with the vast amounts of information we collect and manage in our City every day.