Smart Utilities: Transforming Urban Infrastructure


Action Items

  • Develop opportunities to collaborate with others in the region to plan for grid modernization at the city level.
  • Create a common portal for all utilities on a per customer basis to allow for total awareness of energy and resource use trends at the individual level.
  • Use gamification to smooth utility bills and identify opportunities for contribution and use reduction.
  • Create a campaign to raise customer awareness and improve their experience.
  • Fully integrate remote meter reading to reduce intrusion and resources needed to acquire data.
  • Educate citizens on how to budget energy use as part of their personal financial planning. Utilize existing environmental conservation and sustainability groups to start the education process.
  • Develop a joint-regional plan that emphasizes and prioritizes renewable energy sources.
  • Develop a program and incentive for capturing and using rain water to offset demand.
  • Commit to a goal of basing budget planning on usage on a City level.
  • As part of a big data strategy, incorporate machine learning and IoT clustering to improve system performance and identify vulnerabilities and risk in the system
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Session Summary

This session took on the theme of transforming urban infrastructure by discussing greater opportunities for citizen engagement and improved understanding of trends across different areas of the system. Participants also highlighted opportunities for conservation and capture, especially in the water area.