Monthly Billing

Benefits of Monthly Billing

More Efficient Household Budgeting

Your Waterworks Utility Bill aligns with most other utility bills such as gas and electric, making your monthly budget a little simpler. Given our recent household income challenges for many of our customers having a monthly bill allows you to keep track of your budget more easily.

Timely Water Usage

Information Monitoring your water usage can help you control utility costs and save money, especially during summer months.

Detect Possible Water Leaks Quickly

With more timely information, you’ll easily notice if your water usage is different from normal. This allows for the early detection and prompt repair of plumbing leaks, reducing the possibility of a high water bill.

Contracted Meter Readers

Contracted meter readers are easily identified by their uniforms, reflective vests, and identification badges. Our current meter reading contractor is UPA (Utility Partners of America). The UPA logo is also prominently displayed on all company vehicles.