Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention


The reversal of flow from its intended direction as a result of backsiphonage or backpressure.


Any actual or potential link, connection, or physical arrangement, direct or indirect, between used water, and auxiliary water system, or other source of contamination or pollution to the waterworks through which backflow can occur.


1. To establish and enforce a cross-connection control program (CCCP) in accordance with Virginia Department of Health Waterworks regulations.
2. The goal of the CCCP is to prevent the intrusion of contamination or pollution into the distribution system via cross-connections and backflow.

Additional Information

  • Avoiding Violation Status - Please help reduce testing violations by submitting the customer's test forms upon completion of testing, including failed devices, to:
    Newport News Waterworks Cross Connection Control
    425 Industrial Drive
    Newport News, VA 23608
    or by emailing
  • We only accept accurate, complete, and original test form(s). Our software generates controlled numbers for each testable device. If you do not have the correct test forms, please call our office at 757-234-4885 or 757-234-4888 to receive them.
  • For new installations and replacement devices only, please use the Backflow Test Form (PDF) below.
  • Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns at 757-234-4888.

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