Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention


The undesirable reversal of flow of waters or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases, or other substances into a waterworks.


Any actual or potential link, connection, or physical arrangement, direct or indirect, between used water, and auxiliary water system, or other source of contamination or pollution to the waterworks through which backflow can occur.


1. To protect the public water supply of the waterworks system from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating within a customer's internal distribution system, such contaminants and pollutants that cold backflow into the waterworks system;
2. To promote the elimination or control of cross connections, actual or potential, between a customer's in-plant potable water system and non-potable systems;
3. To provide for a program of cross connection control which will effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of all potable water systems by cross connections; and 
4. To establish and enforce a cross-connection control program in accordance with Virginia Department of Health Waterworks Regulations (12VAC 5-590-580 as amended).

Additional Information

  • Avoiding Violation Status - Please help reduce testing violations by submitting the customer's test forms upon completion of testing, including failed devices, to:
    Newport News Waterworks Cross Connection Control
    425 Industrial Drive
    Newport News, VA 23608
    or by emailing
  • The Newport News Waterworks Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program Manual is available in the below related documents.
  • For new installations and replacement devices only, please use the Backflow Test Form (PDF) below.
  • Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns at 757-234-4888.

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