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COVID-19 UPDATE: 1/11/21

  • One (1) guest limit in the Reunite/Intake Lobby at a time.
  • Due to the cold temperatures we are providing guests a car tag that is placed on the outside of their car so they can wait in their car and we will call them once space is open for the number of people in their party.
  • Masks/facial coverings are required and should be worn above the nose at all times in the Reunite/Intake Lobby.
  • PRAS Staff/designee is now taking temperatures / asking if they are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms.  (If temp higher than 99 degree and/or any symptoms you will not be permitted to enter.
  • Hand sanitizer is recommended once entering the building.

The Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter is an open-admission facility, so we never turn any animal away. We serve the tax payers for the four jurisdictions in the Cities of Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson and York County.

Since we cannot guarantee the adoption of your pet once it is surrendered we ask that you use us as a last resort. We have many surrender alternatives to help you in this process: see Animal Surrender Alternatives and Resources for Deploying Military and Their Pets.  

If you rent your home/apartment, see this information about talking to your landlord about pets and things you need to know about renting with pets.  For lists of pet-friendly apartments, see: 

Having to surrender your pet can be a very upsetting decision for both you and your pet. We would like to help you in making the decision that’s best for both of you.

If the reason for surrender is behavior, you can call our shelter and speak to our animal behaviorist on staff for suggestions at 757-933-8980. 

Also, you can view these behavior resources.

If you adopted the pet from another facility, we ask that you reach out to them first.

There is no fee to surrender your pet but we do ask that you bring any medical paperwork with you.

To ensure relinquishment is the right decision for both your family and your pet, you should contact an Animal Shelter representative for consultation and times for surrender, prior to bringing the animal to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter (PRAS). You can come by or call for a consultation every day 8:00 AM - 5 PM. 757-933-8900 or email PRAS-Reunite@nnva.gov.

A valid photo ID or verification of your address in York Co, Poquoson, Hampton, or Newport News is required.

Due to the magnitude of animals received by PRAS, no follow-up information will be available once you relinquish a pet.

Owner Surrender Forms:

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