Stream Gauges


The City is installing eight gauges to better detect and alert you to rising water. The City will provide a new alerting system later this summer which you can sign up for free.


Detecting rising waters is crucial for protecting the public. Newport News is a partner in a regional flood monitoring and forecasting project called StormSense One of many benefits of a stream and tidal water level monitoring is the ability to detect abnormal water levels and provide an automatic alerting capability to affected parties. At least eight of these sensors will be operational throughout Newport News by the end of 2017. Coupled with a new alerting system, the public will be able to sign-up for automatic alerts from one of more of these sensors.

Bridges in the City of Newport News Go High Tech

When you are driving by or across the Leeward Marina, 16th Street Bridge, and/or Shellbarger Bridge, you will notice metal boxes mounted on the side of the bridge. These metal boxes are part of a network of Internet of Things (IoT) that gives emergency managers and the community important information in real time so that they can take appropriate protective actions before flooding occurs. Affected residents will have more advance warning of flooding due to storm surge, rain fall, and tides and can evacuate before the flooding occurs. That is real improvements for a smarter and safer City.