Developers & Contractors

  1. Approved Contractors

    View a list of city approved contractors.

  2. Backflow & Cross-Connections

    Learn about water contamination from backflow and cross-connections. You can also have your water system tested for backflow.

  3. Contractor Certification Process

    View the Contractor Certification Process

  4. Developer Agreement Information

    Developers and contracts can learn about extending pipelines, adjusting facilities, adding hydrants and download related guidelines and agreements.

  5. Distribution Construction Standards

    View the approved Distribution Construction Standards

  6. Fire Hydrant Meter

    View information about fire hydrant inspections.

  7. Hydrant Flow Form Request

    Request the Hydrant Flow Form.

  8. New Tap Applications

    Read a short list of facts regarding adding a new tap application to your business.

  9. Non-Traffic Vault Drawings (N-8252 & N-8253)

    Look at the drawings of vaults N-8252 and N-8253

  10. Rates & Fees

    Find out what the rates, fees, and charges are effective July 2017.