Q: How do I find the zoning designation for my property?
A: Visit our interactive GIS mapping website.

Q: Now that I know the zoning designation for my property, what does that mean?
A: Each zoning district has regulations associated with it for things such as uses allowed, setback requirements, minimum lot size, etc. Our Zoning Ordinance page contains all districts and associated regulations Alternatively, call 933-2311 for any question pertaining to the City of Newport News.

Q: What is a comprehensive plan?
A: The comprehensive plan is a guide for managing the long-term growth and physical development of the City. It establishes a vision, goals, and implementation actions, and serves as a tool to improve public health, safety, convenience, and welfare. The comprehensive plan includes an existing conditions assessment; a set of maps that depict future development pattern and how growth will be accommodated; and the list of capital improvement projects to improve quality of life and services, and support future development. A comprehensive plan is sometimes referred to as a general plan or a master plan.

Q: How is the comprehensive plan implemented?

A: There are numerous tools to implement the comprehensive plan. They include the zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, capital improvements program, and site plan review.

Q: Why does it take so long to prepare a comprehensive plan?
A: There are a number of factors that may affect the length of time it takes to prepare a comprehensive plan. These include the size of a city; the amount of citizen participation; number of community meetings and other events held as part of the public outreach process; the amount of effort that is required to compile and analyze data to establish existing conditions; and whether the plan is prepared in-house or by a consultant. The format and proposed content of the plan may also be a factor, as a long, detailed plan may take more time to prepare than a shorter, more strategic and more visionary plan would.

Q: How can I participate in the comprehensive planning process?
A: Citizen involvement in the planning process is critical to ensure that diverse interests and perspectives and considered and incorporated into the comprehensive plan. Learn more about the various methods of citizen participation