Maps and Data


Interactive GIS mapping is available through the Department of Engineering website, along with various static maps including City Council and School Board Districts.

The following maps are provided for reference only. Please contact the Department of Planning for additional information on land use and zoning designations for properties within Newport News.


The Comprehensive Planning Division conducts demographic and socioeconomic research for various planning efforts across the city. The annual Statistical Profile provides information on demographics, employment, income, housing, and commuting citywide and by census tracts. For more information, please contact the Department of Planning at 757-926-8761.

Apartment Survey

The Department of Planning conducts the annual apartment survey and assessment of the City’s income-assisted housing stock to better understand multi-family component of the housing profile and guide future housing and land use planning efforts. The purpose of the report is to measure the availability and quantify the cost of market-rate rental and income-assisted housing for multi-family units in Newport News. The annual report is available in August each year.

» 2018 Report