Member List

Member Name                         Department

Acree, J.                                     Newport News Police Department​
​Archer, A.                                   City of Newport News City Hall
​​Askew, L.                                    Newport News Public School​
Bertrand, C.                               Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula​
​Bonner, T.                                   Juvenile Services​
​Carr, A.                                         Newport News Human Services
​​Cieszynski, I.                              Director Libraries and Information Services
Dobson, L.                                  Newport News Victims Services Unit​​
​Echols, M.                                   City of Newport News City Hall​
​Finch, C.                                      United Way of the Virginia Peninsula​
Gerald, S.                                    City of Newport News Human Services​
​Harris, J.                                      Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Hedgepeth-Sanders, S.         NN Commonwealth's Attorney (Victim Services)
​​​Herriott, A.                                  Mayor's Youth Commission​
​Hires, Sgt. E.                               Newport News Police Department
​​Hollins, M.                                   Big Brothers Big Sisters​
​Howard, P.                                  Executive Director of Community Outreach-Justice Building​
​Hudgins, Lt. Mike                     Newport News Police Department
Lamanna, R.                               Newport News Public School
​​​Lewis, W.                                     EXIT, LLC.​
​Long, Ann-Marie                      Center for Children and Family Services
​​Mena, M.                                     Newport News Public Library​​
​Miller-Synaker, S.                     Parents Against Bullying VA
​​​Morrison, H.                                Newport News Parks and Recreation​​
​Moynihan, J.                               Once Church​​
​Nelson, A.                                     Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula​​
​O'Keefe, S.                                   Newport News Department of Human Services​​
​Perkins, M.                                   Alternative, Inc.​​
​Rainey, C.                                     Office of Human Affairs​​
​Regester, P.                                 C. Waldo Scott Center​​
​Robb, S.                                        Newport News Department of Human Services
​​​Smith, B.                                       Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board
​​​Smith, H.                                       Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula​
​Des Lauriers, T.                           Newport News Department of Human Services​
​Thomas, V.                                   Newport News Department of Human Services
​Walters, A.                                    Newport News Department of Human Services
​Walters, R.                                    Newport News Department of Human Services
​Walters, V.                                    Newport News Sherriff's Office
​Wheaton, J.                                  Newport News Department of Human Services
​Wilson, C.                                      Mayor's Youth Commission