Real Estate Tax Exemption For Elderly

For questions about applying for Real Estate Tax Exemption for the Elderly, please call 757-926-3535 

Eligibility requirements for exemption:


  • Applicant must own and reside in the home and be at least 65 years of age by December 31, 2017.
  • Total combined income from all sources during 2017 of applicant, spouse, and all relatives and non-relatives residing in the home shall not exceed $25,000. Some exceptions apply.
  • Combined assets of all persons as of December 31, 2017 must not exceed $10,000 excluding the residence.
  • If multiple persons, other than a spouse, are listed on the deed, all persons listed must meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Household costs related to maintaining the home must equal or exceed 40% of the total household income.

Application Information

The following PDF documents can be obtained via download or by contacting the Commissioner of the Revenue at 757-926-3535, or by email at

      General Information for 2018-2019                                                                                  Application                                                                                                                        Application Instructions 
      Appointment Information

You may apply for this program beginning January 1 until August 31 each calendar year.

You may pick up an application at our two locations:

City of Newport News                             City of Newport News                   Commissioner of the Revenue              Commissioner of the Revenue

Downtown Office                                       Satellite Office

2400 Washington Ave.                              12912 Jefferson Ave                           Newport News, VA 23607                        Newport News, VA 23608


A completed application for real estate tax exemption should be delivered to  either of our office locations listed above no later than August 31 of each calendar year.

Determining Eligibility

A representative from the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue will determine if you are eligible for this new program. We are available by appointment to assist you in completing your annual application. We also provide notary service at no charge to you without an appointment.


Solid Waste Fee Grant Relief Program

Your application for Real Estate Tax Exemption will automatically be used to determine your eligibility for relief from paying a portion of your solid waste fees. Therefore, if you file for a Real Estate Tax Exemption, it will not be necessary for you to take any action or file a separate application for the Solid Waste Fee Grant Relief Program.

However, if you do not plan to apply for Real Estate Tax Exemption, you must separately apply for the Solid Waste Relief by contacting the City of Newport News Call Center at 757-933-2311.

The Real Estate Tax Exemption Program and the Solid Waste Fee Grant Program have different income guidelines.

You will be notified of approval via letter mailed to you in October of each year.