Newport News Community Policy & Management Team


Created by the Comprehensive Services Act of 1992, consolidating several state grant programs into a pool of funds to serve At-Risk Children with emotional and behavioral problems. Responsible for  developing and administering the inter-agency policies procedures governing service delivery, access to state pool funds, resource and service development and authorizing and monitoring the expenditure of funds is among its ore important duties.

Terms of Office:

As prescribed by the statue of the State code or until abolished by further resolution of City Council or until member terminates membership. Article III: Policy and Management Team §3.3.3 Private Providers: Shall be appointed by City Council upon the recommendation of the CPMT. Shall serve terms of two years two consecutive terms.




  • Assistant City Manager, Chairperson
  • Director, or his/her designee, Community Services Board-Member
  • Director, or his/her designee, Newport News Department of Human Services-Member
  • Director, or his/her designee, Peninsula Health District-Member
  • Superintendent, or his/her designee, Newport News Public Schools-Member
  • Administrator, or his/her designee, Newport News Juvenile Court Services Unit-Member
  • Newport News Parent Representative-Member
  • Representative of a Newport News private organization for children's services-Member