Police Department Applicant Background Instructions

Employee Applicants, Please Read.....

You have been selected to proceed to the next step of the selection process for a position with the Newport News Police Department.  To avoid automatic disqualification for failing to submit required information and make scheduled appointments, please complete the background investigation form and submit the form no later than the date provided to you by the Recruiter. 

You can assist us in providing our applicants prompt dispositions on the status of all applications by observing the following mandatory instructions:

  • Do contact the recruiter if the recruiter requests, if you relocate your residence, change jobs, are no longer interested in the process, or you have another job offer you wish to consider.
  • Do not call the Newport News Police Department to inquire about the status of your application.  Due to the high volume of applicants, you will be notified in writing, or by phone, regarding the disposition of your application if you are a police applicant.
  • Do not ask the Background Investigator the status of your background investigation.  They are not permitted to reveal any details to anyone other than supervisors within their chain of command.

Your cooperation is imperative in this process.  You will be contacted at the conclusion of the selection process which may take an indeterminate amount of time, up to one year.  Thank you.